people in san francisco sure are friendly! but they are, fo real

So this Wednesday was one of the best nights of my life. I finally got to see Gogol Bordello live! I've been wanting to see them since I was 16. It was truly incredible. The crowd was so full of energy and everyone was dancing and singing and jumping and screaming. The band members were dancing like crazy as well and their music sounded a million times better live than it does on their CDs. Van and I were in the front and Eugene looked at us! Bahah I sound like a nerd right now but whatever. Eugene pointed at us and started "pulling" us towards him. :D A ton of people were crowd surfing and throwing their clothes up on stage. At one point someone threw pants (or was it a jacket?) that landed right on Eugene's face but the man just kept playing while the pants were obscuring his view.

On Thursday I flew to San Jose and met up with Linty and her friend. We drove to Santa Cruz and I stayed the night in Linty's apartment. On Friday Piska and I went to go get her Visa for Spain in San Fransico...this was my first time taking a train in California! It was exciting for me anyways :) We waited 3 fucking hours in the counsel but w/e. Then we spent the day walking around San Francisco. It was kinda chilly but not too bad. We took this one bus that made me laugh a lot...there was a bus driver on it and he would loudly sing every bus stop instead of announcing it. I loved it and I sang THANK YOUUUU to him when I got off. Not sure if he heard me though. We walked around The Haight for a while and ended up in a room full of sexy people, where Lint used the bathroom. It was pretty fucking hilarious. She opened the door and there they all were, sitting in a circle. "Is there a meeting in here or something?" She asked. They were all pretty friendly...I remember one girl with a mohawk, a guy with a German Shepard, a black tall mtof...a few smelly hippies. One of them asked us to stay and chill with them but we declined. I wish we coulda stayed longer though. The bathroom had a ton of writing all over the walls, it was all pretty fucking funny but I forgot most of what it said. Afterwards Kaka and I went to an arts and crafts store and bought some unicorn tattoos and some Michaelangelo tats. I got Van a Winnie-the-Pooh pin. We walked around some more. The sun was setting and the light looked really nice. It just all felt really pleasant and dreamlike. The train ride home was great too, all the clouds were lit up by the setting sun and the sky was glowing. After we got home we wandered around the super foggy campus of Santa Cruz, where we got a ride on the "party bus." I loved that bus driver too. He played some sexy music for us and then everyone on the bus started singing Don't Stop Believen' for some weird fucking reason. It was so damn foggy...holy shit. You couldn't see shit. We kept hearing voices but we couldn't see who was talking. People were still playing soccer though, and exercising, at like 10PM. We kept walking until we got to a place that wasn't as fogged up, and I was lucky enough to see a few deer up close. There were a ton of deer there actually...that's better than CSUN squirrels!

This trip also confirmed the fact that I definitely missed out on a lot by not moving away for college. :(

I should have written this entry better but I am really sleepy and tired.

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I finally found a fucking ride. It's this bitch I don't like but Greene paired us up so now I'm stuck with her. I don't think she likes me either. She had this look on her face when she found out we were paired, like I was some disgusting piece of garbage she didn't wanna go near.

I love school.

the smell


Ok, so on Dec 30th Linty, some guy and I went to The Smell and saw some bands live. We got to see Blackblack which is mostly why I went. It was really fucking awesome. They were throwing free stuff to the crowd and I got some deformed little alien.

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